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About Consumer Trust Mortgage
About Us

Consumer Trust Mortgage is approaching 30 years in business. We understand the challenges of today’s home financing market. Everyone at Consumer Trust Mortgage is part of a customer-centric culture that concentrates on you. We all work together to expand your lending options, close loans ahead of schedule, and create innovative new loan solutions. Our goal is to help families just like yours find the right financing programs to obtain the homes of their dreams.


Licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Consumer Trust Mortgage specializes in customer satisfaction for the new and existing home buyer. We offer conventional, purchase and refinance, government loans, commercial and construction.



  • Vision: To advocate leadership and excellence in the mortgage services industry and to do so by applying a ‘quality first’ approach to all we pursue.

  • Goals: Provide unparalleled customer service, deliver competitive and innovative products/services and to uniquely express our business model through the eyes of those we serve.



  • Trust: To consistently demonstrate faithfulness and responsibility as we pursue our obligation to provide the highest level of professional mortgage services in the communities we serve.

  • Integrity: To exhibit leadership by pursuing honor and excellence outlined by the professional scope of corporate, industry and regulatory governance.

  • Loyalty: We are dedicated to respectfully serving our customers, business partners, investors and the camaraderie of the Consumer Trust Team.

  • Growth: Recognize the ever consistent change in our community, industry and culture, we seek to develop new and innovative ways to improve and strengthen our company and those with whom we partner.



Through teamwork and execution we are committed to expressing our vision and applying our values so we may make the dreams of our customers a reality…one loan at a time.

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